The facilities listed below may vary from time to time and we do not guarantee that all facilities listed are always available to the users and hirers of the hall. As such they do not form part of the Terms, Conditions and Information for Hirers.

It is advisable for any user or Hirer of the Hall to check with booking administration prior to making a booking should any of the facilities be required by the Hirer.

  • Chairs – Red Covered Banqueting (150); Red Covered Meeting (40); Blue Covered Meeting (10); Red Plastic (57); Multi-Coloured Nursery Chairs (12); High Chairs (2); Chair Trolleys (4)
  • Table – Folding Large (22); Folding Small (11); Folding Nursery (3)
  • Screen – Folding screen which can be used as a room divider.
  • Kitchen – Crockery (large plates/small plates/ pudding bowls/ cups and saucers/ mugs/knives/forks and spoons/ Cooker/ microwave/ warming cabinet/ refrigerator/ freezer, kettles/ wall mounted kettle/ tea pots/stainless steel sinks/serving areas). Washing up liquid and drying up cloths are provided.
  • Bar – Glasses for wine/beer and soft drinks/chiller/serving counter/stainless steel sink.
  • Cleaning equipment (mops/brooms etc.) – Stored in the kitchen and in the Male Toilet, off the Main Hall.
  • Sound and lighting – The stage and balcony area houses a range of sound and lighting controls (players for cd’s, laptop and iPod / projector and screen for presentation/films and photographs/ lighting board for stage and mood lighting/ public address systems, both fixed and remote. These can be booked by special arrangement
  • For most events music can be played and controlled also from the Bar area.
  • The lighting controls for the Main Hall’s full lighting are situated in the Foyer. Controls for the lighting suitable for social functions are situated in the Bar area. The lighting in the corridor leading to the Minor Hall, the toilets at the rear of the building and on the stair leading to the upper area are movement and noise activated and will turn off automatically.
  • Projector and Screen – available for an additional charge
  • Curtains and Blinds – All windows in the Main and Minor Halls have both curtains and blinds.
  • Disabled facilities – Ramp access is provided from the front car park into the Main Hall and via the Fire Exit doors at the side of the building. Access to the Minor Hall, which is at the rear of the building, from the rear car park, is on the level. Toilet facilities, with easy wheel chair access, are immediately adjacent to the Main Hall and Minor Hall areas. There are designated car parking areas for the disabled for both Main and Minor Halls. Hirers should discuss any special needs with the Bookings Secretary.
  • Baby Changing – Special baby changing tables are available in the toilets off the Main and Minor Halls
  • Heating – Heating costs are not included in the hire charges. Separate coin operated systems are installed for each Hall. The coin box for the Main Hall is just inside the double doors at the rear, the cost is £1 per 20 minutes. The coin box for the Minor Hall / Upstairs Meeting Room is in the Minor Hall, cost is £1 per 40 minutes.
  • First Aid – boxes are located at the rear of the hall by the bar. Any accidents occurring at the Hall should be reported and details entered in the Accident Log Book located near to the First Aid boxes.


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