Environmental policy

Reynoldston Village Hall Association is committed to reducing any harmful effects on the environment in their management of the facility on behalf of the community.

To this end the Trustees have:

  • Recently had installed low energy lighting, automatic lighting, a modern and efficient heating system, thermostatically controlled radiators, compartment metering systems, double glazed doors and windows, self – closing doors and water efficient toilets
  • Improved access to natural lighting.
  • Made every effort to purchase “environmentally friendly” cleaning products.
  • Purchased locally, wherever possible.
  • Established a policy that, when finances will allow, will introduce systems and procedures to improve environmental efficiencies.

Hall Users are asked to support the Association’s Environmental Policy by:

  • Switching lighting and heating off whenever possible.
  • Ensuring windows, doors and curtains are closed when relevant.
  • Reducing waste by not using disposable items such as plastic plates, cutlery and cups.
  • Recycling bottles, tins, paper and plastics by using the bins and bags available in the Hall.
  • Advising the Trustees of any ways of improving the Association’s Environmental Policy.

(Further information is included in the Reynoldston Village Hall Association booking Terms, Conditions and information)




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